GoodTenant provides landlords with the most comprehensive possible background screening of prospective tenants. Passing our background checks is a great indication to a landlord that you'll be a good tenant and give you an edge in today's competitive rental market.

Be a good tenant by passing a GoodTenant background checkApplying for a property is very simple. Once you've viewed the property, the landlord will ask you to submit your application so GoodTenant can carry out your background check.

You'll start by entering the address of the property you're applying for, then you'll enter all the information we need to identify you.

You'll need to have this information handy:

  • Name
  • Current residential address
  • Contact phone and email 
  • A scan (or photo) of your current passport or driver’s license
  • Contact details for at least two referees (we'll be speaking to both of them over the phone)
  • Details of your current income 

What happens next?

GoodTenant will carry out your background check, including checking criminal records, credit agencies and tenancy tribunal as well as speak to the references you've supplied.

Based on all the information gathered you will then receive notification from GoodTenant via email about the outcome of your application.