Why should I use GoodTenant™?

GoodTenant is the culmination of many years of experience in the property management sector and it's designed with finding the best tenant for your investment property in mind.

GoodTenant allows you to access New Zealand's largest and latest background information sources, backed up by professional comprehensive interviews with past landlords.

That means we offer you the best chance of finding that perfect tenant for your investment.


How does a landlord use GoodTenant™?

GoodTenant runs comprehensive background checks on prospective tenants on your behalf. It starts with selecting the number of background checks you require: an individual, 2 people or up to 6 people who are applying to move in to a specific property.

As you purchase your background checks, you register the rental property address with GoodTenant.

Then, you send the prospective tenant(s) you wish to check to the tenant application section of this website (we'll send you the link) to complete their tenancy applications for your property.


What information does a landlord get?

You receive a full screening of each tenant applying for your property, including information that's usually only available to commercial property managers. You'll get:

  • Tenancy Tribunal outcomes
  • Credit score
  • Arrest warrants
  • Information on any violent offending
  • Social media search
  • Newspaper and alias name search and more.


How does it work?

You register yourself and property you wish to rent, with GoodTenant™, then you advertise your property to rent, as you would normally do.

Once you've selected the tenants you feel best suit the property, you get them to apply through the GoodTenant™ tenant application portal.

The tenant fills in all the required information and GoodTenant runs a full background check on them as well as speaking to the two references they have provided by phone.  We then determine their suitability, based on facts and supply this information back to you.

Some pass, some fail, but ultimately it is for you - the landlord - to decide who will get the property.


Can I check my current tenants?

The short answer is no, because GoodTenant works by getting prospective tenants to apply for a home. These prospective tenants allow the checks to be performed as part of their application for a specific property. You can however check individuals where a new tenant is moving into an existing property you have registered with GoodTenant™.


What if the tenancy goes bad?

We use every available resource in order to provide you with the most complete possible picture of your prospective tenant, where any bad tenant behaviour has been reported to you.

However, we can only report to you the information we can find and allow you to make the best informed decision possible and the decision is ultimately yours. We cannot guarantee a tenant; people’s lives change, people lose their jobs, fall into bad habits, get addictions, and the list goes on, all we can do is be as vigilant as possible.

If your tenant has issues don’t leave it thinking it will get better. Start communication early, get 14 day notices delivered, and stay on top of the issues. Try and work it out if you have had a good tenant, the issues may be temporary. Report bad tenants.


What do I need to apply for tenancy?

If you have reached GoodTenant at the request of your prospective landlord and are about to apply for a property for rent, you will need to have the following information.

  • Full name and current address
  • Contact details
  • Current passport or driver’s license
  • Income details
  • Next of kin
  • Last two addresses
  • Two references with contact details
  • Number of people intending to move to property
  • Vehicle registration

We require a lot of information and as a result, the process is very robust to make sure we offer the landlord the best applicants.