Helping private landlords to make good tenanting decisions

We help private landlords make good decisions about the tenants they place in their investment properties by offering unprecedented access to New Zealand's leading tenancy background checking agency, reserved for property management companies only.

GoodTenant gives private landlords access to all the information they need to make good tenant decisions


15 years property management experience

We've been professional property managers for years as well as owning and managing our own rental properties.

That's given us unique insight into the disconnect between the superficial information that's available to private landlords and the comprehensive background checking detail the professionals can check.

With the right information to hand, tenanting decisions are far more straightforward.

A tenant who can appear to be a good bet based on first impressions can turn out to have the sort of history that indicates they could really cause you problems down the track.

GoodTenant has been designed with 15 years property management experience, to give you access to the information that has only been available to the property management industry.

GoodTenant is for good tenants, too

In today's hotly contested rental market, a clean bill of tenancy health can be the difference between winning or losing the property you want to live in.

Landlords appreciate tenants who pay their rent on time and do a great job looking after the property they're in, so a big, green tick on your background check is a valuable thing to have.

Integrity and private information

Information belonging to landlords and prospective tenants is treated as confidential at all times. We only release information relevant to each case, for the purpose of allowing the landlord to make an informed decision on a tenant, and we always abide by Privacy Act 1993.

Integrity with your information is key to our business, without it we could not deliver this great service.